October Choose from 3

Here are the three choices for October’s Choose from 3.

Photo 1 – colourful windmills

Photo 2 – stain glass room

Photo 3 – building in the mist (Update – the winner)

Each month I will post three photos for people to vote for on my website, Facebook, and Patreon.  I will base a visualization on the winning photo and post it the following month.

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Creative Flow – Inflow

Part 1 of a chakra visualization for encouraging the creative flow that involves Svadhisthana (Sacral Chakra) and Vishuddha (Throat Chakra).

This is Part One. Part Two, Creative Flow – Outflow, is coming soon.

Visualize yourself sitting in a room with round walls and a curved ceiling. The walls are light grey in colour and the room is empty but for the large, comfy cushion that you are sitting on. The room is a blank canvas, ready for you to create anything you want.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and focus on Svadhisthana, your Sacral Chakra. See the beautiful orange orb that is this chakra spinning just in front of your spine, near the level of your navel. As you hold the image of Svadhisthana in your mind’s eye and pour your attention into it, the glow of the orange light grows stronger, filling your abdomen with its beautiful radiance.

One of the aspects of this chakra is creativity, specifically the gathering ideas and creative components. As the energy and light of this chakra grows stronger, so too does its magnetic pull.

With your core being warmed by Svadhisthana, hold the kernel of an idea in your mind. It could be a snippet of lyrics for a song, an idea for a poem, a fragment of an image, or a theme for some other type of creative project. Don’t try to reach or force the idea to develop. Instead, picture a seed that represents this idea and place it in the centre of Svadhisthana.

Sit quietly and wait, remaining peaceful and open. Picture the orange light of this chakra bathing the seed with warm energy and see Svadhisthana reaching further and further out into the cosmos and drawing complementary thoughts and ideas to you with ease. Fill your being with a feeling of trust as you sit in the centre of this flow.

Stay with this image as long as you like.

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Her Garden

You are walking down a quiet road in a rural area. You are on vacation in a foreign country, and you’ve taken the day off from your busy sightseeing schedule to enjoy some time in the country.  

You are enjoying the steady crunch of your footsteps on the dirt road when you look up and see an old, stone wall a few metres back from the road coming up on your right. The wall, which has a few climbing vines coming just over the top of the wall from the inside, extends above your head, so you aren’t able to see into the space. In the middle of the wall is a wooden door, and as you draw closer you can see that it is ajar and that it has a worn, hand-painted sign that reads, “Come enjoy her garden.”

Your steps slow as your curiosity gets the better of you, and you pause in front of the door. Why not have a look?

You leave the road and make your way over to the door. You only need to push it a bit more to have enough space to slip inside. You are immediately filled with a sense of peace as you look around the small garden.

The vines that you saw peeping over the wall from the road have completely covered the inside of the wall. Delicate, almost translucent blossoms grow from the vines, bringing a splash of beautiful colour to the light grey stone.

A path of large, flat stones spaced a few centimetres apart leads from the door deeper into the garden, winding around large bushes and small trees. You follow it.

Coming around a hedge, you see the centre of the garden and smile. An broad, metal bird bath has been placed at the heart of the garden. Small figures of birds decorate the edge of the birdbath, and in between them lovely birds drink and splash about in the bowl.

There is a bench near the hedge, and you sit down in the middle of it and lean back as you watch the birds frolicking in the bath. From time to time one of the little creatures flies over to one of several bird feeders scattered about the garden, but they soon return to the shimmering pool of water. 

A small movement catches your eye. You look to the right and see a second bench identical to the one you’re sitting on, occupied by a silent old man. He looks at you and smiles. You smile back. He turns his head and goes back to watching the birds in their bath. You notice that even though he is alone on the small bench he is sitting as far as possible to the right, pressed against the curved armrest. His left arm is stretched out a bit towards the empty space beside him, his hand resting gently on the weathered wood. 

After several minutes, you stand to quietly take your leave. Just before you round the hedge, you take one last look back at the smiling man and his beautiful garden. You also get the sense that even after you leave this place, he won’t be alone. 

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Helpful Giant

Visualization for releasing negative energy from your field.

You are walking through the woods. The sound of your footsteps is completely muffled by the lush earth. It rained earlier, and so the trees are still wet and their leaves are glistening and continuing to spill little droplets of water on to the forest floor. 

You weren’t feeling yourself earlier. You were anxious, out of sorts, jittery. You figured that there was no sense trying to get anything done, and that a nice walk in the woods was the best thing for you.

You see a tree off to your right and for some reason you’re drawn to it. You leave the muddy path and walk over to the base of the tree, glad that you thought to put on your rain boots and coat before you left. Standing at the base of the tree you tilt your head back and look up. You don’t know much about trees, but this one seems old. You would not be able to wrap your arms all the way around its trunk, and the lowest branches are dozens of feet above your head.

You sit down at the foot of this great tree and lean back against the trunk. You close your eyes and start a meditation that you read about earlier. You take several deep breaths of the moist forest air and centre yourself. Starting at your head you relax each part of your body. The muscles in your face, your jaw, your neck, both of your shoulders and on down your torso and your legs. With every part of your body relaxed, you push your awareness outwards to the space around you and your own personal energy field. You visualize the many colours of your field flowing and pulsing around your body.

You feel yourself becoming calm and centred much more quickly than usual. You feel wonderful, but you’re also curious. You focus on the way your energy feels, and you realize that there is a pull behind you. In your minds eye, you see the jittery, tense energy being drawn out of your energy field and in to the lovely tree behind you. You’re thankful, but also a bit concerned. Will this energy harm the tree? But you soon realize that the tree is not being affected by this at all. You see, once again in your mind’s eye, that the tree is drawing this energy that is not serving you from your energy field, into its body, and then down through its roots and in to the earth. This energy which was disturbing your emotional balance is nothing in the vastness of Earth. It is easily transmuted into positive, loving energy once more.

You silently thank the tree for its assistance, sending love and appreciation. You are sure that you feel a response. You settle back into the helpful giant’s trunk and watch in your mind’s eye and feel with your awareness as the energy of your personal field harmonizes and once again comes into balance.

Stay with this image as long if you like.

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7 Breaths Exercise

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Body Awareness Meditation

For this meditation choose one part of your body and focus on it for several minutes. Simply place your attention on that part of your body and let it to fill your awareness. Allow any thoughts that cross your mind to drift away.

Notice how that part of your body feels the longer you focus on it. What sensations are there? Does the way it feels change the longer you focus on it?

When just starting, choose a smaller more specific body part like your heel, finger, or nose and then try bigger areas like your leg, arm, or head. Eventually you can try holding your entire body in your awareness.

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Variations in Descriptions of Chakras

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Ocean Waves

Visualization for Svadhisthana (Sacral Chakra)

Visualize yourself standing waist deep in the ocean. Behind you is the sandy beach of a small, deserted island. In front of you stretches the infinite expanse of the sea. A steady wind is blowing, and warm, gentle waves are lapping against your stomach.

Turn your attention inward and see Svadhisthana, your Sacral Chakra, spinning in your abdomen near the level of your naval, its orange energy swirling like a liquid. As you watch, the movement of the energy inside your Sacral Chakra begins to harmonize with the movement of the ocean, until it feels like the energy of the ocean and the energy of your Sacral Chakra are one and the same.

Stay with this image as long as you like.

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Choose from 3 – September 2017

Here are the choices for September’s Choose from 3.  Please let me know which one you would like me to use as the basis for a visualization in the comments below.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

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Visualization Tip – Two Simple Visualizations to Get Started

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