Visualization Tip – Two Simple Visualizations to Get Started

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Releasing Resistance from Vishuddha – Self Expression

Sit or lie down comfortably with your back straight.  

Now, in your mind’s eye focus on Vishuddha, your Throat Chakra. See the light, clear blue sphere that is this chakra rotating at the base of your throat.

One aspect of Vishuddha is self expression. Through this chakra we communicate our truths and perspective and express our creativity. Through the energy of this chakra we shine our unique light into the world. But during our lives there are times when we shutter or filter this light for a variety of reasons. Whether a particular reason stems from fear of judgement from others or our own self criticism, that restrictive energy can stay with us and continue to influence our choices.

With your attention focused on Vishuddha, ask in the quiet of your mind, “What energy pattern or limiting belief affecting my Throat Chakra is it time for me to let go of for my highest good?” Then sit quietly and wait.  The answer may come in the form of a sensation, an emotion, or perhaps a memory. However it presents itself, stay centred. Simply observe and allow the energy to play itself out and dissipate. Allow yourself as much time as you need. 

Now refocus on Vishuddha. Allow that energy that you just freed up to rise to the surface and visualize how it could express itself in your life. From your fresh perspective, what part of yourself do you feel more comfortable expressing? Is there a truth that you feel more confident holding yourself to? Is there a seed for a new idea or artistic endeavour? A change that you would like to make to a current project? A different way that you would like to communicate with the people in your life?

Whether it is a massive change or slight shift, take the time to appreciate yourself, the step you’ve taken, and your willingness to explore and grow. 

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Welcome to Butterfly Garden

This visualization is based on one of the two winning photos (photo 2 and photo 3, which is below) from the August Choose from 3.

Nature-themed visualization for relaxation

photo 3

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Silver Rain

Visualization for clearing dense energy from your energy field.

You are sitting in an open field under a cloudless sky. The air is still and there is no sound around you.

You are also still but relaxed. With each breath you take, your mind becomes more clear as you detach yourself from your thoughts. With this internal quiet, your awareness expands, and you slowly become aware of one part of your body after another, until you are aware of your entire body at once.

You now also become aware of your energy field extending a few feet all around you. Your energy is not static, but rather it is constantly moving. However, you can feel that in some areas the flow of energy is a bit slow and heavy.

You look up and see a shimmering, transparent cloud appear several feet above your head. Thousands of silver points of light are glowing within it. With your face still turned upwards, these tiny silver drops begin to fall out of the cloud like rain. They feel wonderfully cool against your skin.

You can also feel the silver rain passing through your energy field. As the drops fall through the sluggish areas of your field they grab hold of some of that heavy energy, taking it with them as they fall to the ground where they are then absorbed by the Earth.

Bit by bit the heavy energy is pulled from your field. The flow of energy iimproves and without the added heaviness, your field expands outward and with it your awareness. You feel incredibly light, clear, and refreshed.

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Intuitive Light Bath

Visualization for bringing in or stabilizing a particular frequency in your personal energy field.

You are comfortable and peaceful, breathing steadily. Your body is relaxed, your eyes are closed, and your mind is clear.In this state of ease you are aware of your body, and as time passes and you continue to take nice, easy breaths, you become aware of the space around you as well.

Now, you turn your attention inward with the intent of communicating with other levels of your consciousness. You ask in the quiet of your mind, “Which energy frequency would best serve my highest good right now?”

You clear your mind once more and wait. A colour floats into your awareness. Here is your answer. You quietly observe the colour and allow it to completely fill your awareness.

Now, you picture yourself as you are currently positioned. A circle of the colour that you saw in your mind appears a few feet away from the top of your head. A beam of light of that same colour flows from the circle towards the crown of your head. A few centimetres away from your skull it stops moving forward and instead begins to spread out and around you as if it were spreading over an umbrella or eggshell. The coloured light flows down and around your head, shoulders, torso, legs, and feet, until your entire body is encircled by a line of energy shaped like an oval bubble.

From the oval outline the light now spreads inward, saturating the entire space around you and eventually your body itself. You bask in this colour, noticing how it feels and how your body feels as you soak in the energy.

Eventually, your intuition will let you when your own energy field has fully embraced this frequency of light. When that happens, the colour will fade and you will be left feeling refreshed and lighter than you did before.

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What Is the Difference Between Meditation and Visualization?

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Listening Rocks

Visualization for releasing frustrations.

You are standing at the edge of a cliff. Several meters behind you is the edge of a forest but in front of you is an unimpeded view of a rocky basin filled with beautiful, giant rock formations.You bring to mind a challenging situation that you have been dealing with. As you think about it you can feel the dense, burning energy of frustration begin to well up in your lower chest. You focus on the building energy without trying to push it away or stuff it back down.

The energy rises up your chest to your throat. You take a deep breath and scream. You feel the energy of frustration pouring out of your body as you yell your frustration to the silent rocks. They absorb the energy but remain unaffected by it.

When you no longer have the desire to yell, you stop and take another deep breath. Much of the heavy energy is gone and you feel a bit more peaceful.

Now you turn and walk into the forest. The air is cool in the shade of the tall pine trees and you can hear the sounds of birds and other small animals all around you.  

You come to a moss-covered log and sit down. You take another deep breath, inhaling the cool air and the smell of the forest. You continue to breath deeply and with each breath you feel as if you are also drawing in the energy of the trees around you. Their soothing, serene energy flows through your body and where it passes you feel the last traces of frustration slowly dissolving.

Stay with this image as long as you like.

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Choose from 3 – August 2017

Update – Thank you to those who voted.  It was a tie between photo 2 and photo 3, so I’ll do a visualization for both of them.  The visualization for photo 3 will be posted on Monday September 11th.

 Photo 1


 Photo 2


 Photo 3


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New Feature — Choose from 3

I’d like to start something new on my website. I’ll post three photos and I would love for you all to pick which one of the three I should use as the jumping off point for a visualization. I may use the whole image or perhaps zoom in on a particular area of the photo, but the photo will be the inspiration.

I’ll post the images on the last Sunday of the month and the visualization will be up in the second week of the following month.

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Singing Wine Glasses

Visualization for clarity.

You are sitting on a small platform. Arranged within easy reach in front of you are seven wine glasses. The first wine glass on your left is tinted red, the next one orange, then yellow, green, blue, violet, and the seventh wine glass is tinted white. Each glass has a different amount of water in it so that the red glass, when struck, plays the lowest note while the last glass on the right plays the highest.

There is a dense fog all around the platform and in the fog there is a jumble of voices. Many of them sound just like your own voice, and they are constantly speaking of your worries, irritations, doubts, hurts, and resentments. You recognize some of the other voices as belonging to people in your family, elementary school teachers, friends, and so on. Each of these voices are speaking of fears, warnings, advice, and opinions. Some of the voices are whispering, some are shouting, but the overall effect is a discordant, disconcerting din.

Your attention turns to the wine glasses in front of you. You tap the green wine glass with your nail and a light tone rings out with lovely clarity. As the sound penetrates the fog, it quiets some of the voices speaking of irritations and grievances with the people you love. It also pushes the fog back a small ways from the platform, allowing you to see a bit more. Next you dip your finger into the water in the red glass and run it gently around the rim. As the pure tone of the red glass, lower than that of the green one, moves through the fog like a wave, it silences some of the voices screaming negativity about your safety and security and pushes the fog back even more. You tap the green glass once again, and more voices whispering criticism about those closest to you are silenced.

You move back and forth between the glasses, alternating between taping the side and circling the rim. You begin to experiment and start to combine the tones by playing two or more glasses at once. The harmonies are light beautiful, and you can feel your own body vibrating in response.

And as you continue to play, more voices are silenced and the fog lifts more and more until you are left with an unimpeded view of the space around you and the sound of the wine glasses.

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