Beams of Peace and Love

Visualization for dissolving general distrust and guardedness

Imagine yourself lying on a smooth, black stone that is just a bit bigger than your body. The flat stone is in the middle of a peaceful lake, and its surface has been warmed by the sun. That warmth is now seeping into your back and spreading throughout your entire body. Every muscle in your body relaxes one by one and you feel any tension you were feeling flowing out of you.

The rock is slightly raised out of the water, but every once in a while the lapping water flows up and over the surface, bringing a refreshing coolness in contrast to the heat of the rock.

Now visualize a pale blue light shinning down on you from above. The beam of light is fairly small, only covering a small area the size of your palm in the centre of your chest. You feel the energy of this light shinning into you and through you, bringing a feeling of peacefulness and openness. This particular frequency of blue has a light, penetrating feeling to it, and you feel the dense energy of distrust and guardedness near your heart beginning to loosen beneath its glow.

Now streaks of a beautiful rose-coloured light appear in the pale blue beam. Where the blue light clears and brings a feeling of lightness, the rose light is full and warm. As the dense energy is dissolved, the rose light infuses the cleared space with a rich feeling of warmth, compassion, and love.

The streaks of rose light disappear and a tiny beam of rose light appears in the centre of the pale blue beam. Now both beams of light slowly expand. The rose beam grows until it is the size of a dinner plate in the centre of your entire chest. The blue beam grows until it engulfs your entire body and the stone beneath you, surrounding you with a feeling of peace.

Stay with this image as long as you like.

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