Here Comes the Sun

Visualization for Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra)

You are sitting comfortably on the floor in your home near a window. Your eyes are closed and your breathing is steady and peaceful.

You look within and see Manipura, your solar plexus chakra, spinning and glowing with a soft yellow light. The glow from this chakra illuminates your entire torso and spreads a slight warmth through your core and down each limb.
As you continue to observe this chakra, it soaks in the energy from your attention and begins to shine more brightly. Where before its light was soft, it now shifts to a bright, energetic yellow and you feel an even greater warmth radiating throughout your body. The energy intensifies and the rays of light from Manipura lengthen until they extend a few feet beyond your body.

You gradually become aware of a different energy that seems to be shining on you from an external source. You open your eyes and see a ray of sunlight shining down from the sky, through your body and directly into your solar plexus chakra. The two spheres of light send energy to one another, both of them enriched by the exchange.

Stay with this image as long as you like.

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