Moon Bay Market

General visualization for relaxation.

You are in lovely Moon Bay on a cloudy evening. The bay is oval shaped, and the waters within are calm and peaceful. On one side of the oval, the shoreline is defined by rocky, steep cliffs, with the opening to the bay at its centre and on the other side there is a beautiful white-sand beach.

You are walking along that beach barefoot, digging your toes into the sand with each step. The sand is deep, so you are moving slowly, but you would rather feel the coarseness of the sand against your feet than walk on the raised wooden walkway. To your left, a good ways back from the water, is a dense jungle. Songs from dozens of birds burst from the trees, but your attention is captured by the scene on your right.

Dozens of ships with brightly coloured sails of every imaginable shape and colour fill the bay. One ship with a relatively sedate charcoal grey hull and soft pink sails has bunches of bananas dangling over its side. Another, painted alabaster white with sails meant to give the impression of a bright yellow and blue butterfly, has an assortment of silk clothing arranged appealingly across its deck. A third ship that is bright green with the face of a woman holding a rainbow-coloured fan in front of her mouth has similar fans spread open and resting on every available surface.

These main ships are too large to come close to shore, so they send small row boats, painted the same colours, carrying their best negotiators armed with a few samples and telescopes for potential buyers to get a closer look at the wares. When a sale is made, the row boat crew signals their ship with their brightly painted flags and another row boat races to the shore carrying the desired item. The overall result is an constant, frantic dance of colour across the bay and along the beach.

You have just reached the centre of the beach and are standing directly across from the mouth of the bay when the heavy clouds finally part and you see how Moon Bay got its name. The bright full moon is centred perfectly in the opening of the bay and is so low that it seems to almost touch the surface of the ocean beyond. The colourful ships cross in front of the white orb on their way around the bay, creating picture-perfect scenes again and again as their remarkable sails are framed against the full moon.

Stay with this image as long as you like.

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