Brilliant Blue Resonance

Visualization for Vishuddha

Visualize yourself sitting cross-legged. There is a comforting darkness all around you. Nothing but the vastness of space surrounds you, but in the distance you can detect the twinkling of stars. You realize you aren’t actually sitting on anything, but merely floating in place.

Your attention now shifts to Vishuddha, your fifth chakra. The brilliant blue of this gently spinning chakra is shinning at the base of your throat. As you focus on it, the energy is amplified, the sphere of light pushing out beyond the chakra, beyond your physical body — a tiny point of light in the darkness around you.

You drift pleasantly for a while, enjoying your own light. Feeling content, you begin to hum a little tune in your mind. You notice that as you think a note, your fifth chakra responds by rippling a wave from its centre out across the cosmos. You observe these waves for some time and begin to realize that some notes create a more beautiful, steady wave pattern than others. You experiment, creating ever lovelier patterns of sounds and waves of light until you feel your entire body is vibrating in resonance.

Now the stars that you can see in the distance begin to respond to the wave patterns that you are sending out with patterns of their own. Their waves of light flow towards you and through you from all around the cosmos. A symphony of light.

Stay with this image for as long as you like.

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