Midnight Pond

You are sitting comfortably on the ground with your eyes closed, breathing deeply.

The air is cool against your skin. You can hear the sound of gently lapping water directly in front of you. Everything is still and quiet. An occasional whisper of breeze brings the scent of blossoms.

You open your eyes. It is the middle of the night and you are sitting at the edge of a pond.  The wisps of clouds in the sky do nothing to obscure the bright full moon and rather enhance its beauty as they lazily drift across it.

The pond reflects the moon like a mirror with just a few ripples breaking its smooth surface. The end of the pond to your left is full of slender reeds, bowing slightly in the breeze. To your right, a flock of water fowl float sleepily on the water. And in front of you, filling the centre of the pond, are pond plants. Water lettuce drift around the pond, and waterlilies of every colour of the rainbow seem to almost glow in the moonlight.

Stay with this image as long as you like.

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