Sky to Earth

Visualization for grounding.

Imagine yourself standing outside in a natural setting, not a building or road in sight. You are standing barefoot on soft grass, and the weather is pleasant and comfortable.

Now visualize a deep blue stream of light descending from the sky, entering your body through the crown of your head. This light flows down the centre of your body, through your head and then down along your spine to your pelvis. Here at the base of your spine, it splits and flows down the centre of each leg, through the soles of your feet, and deep into the Earth.

The glow from this slender column of deep blue light intensifies and radiates out, expanding until your entire body is contained in a sheath of light. Slender streaks of lighter blue light stream down now as well, adding accents of clarity and lightness to the peace of the original deep blue.

Imagine this steady stream of light flowing from the sky and into the ground with you as the bridge for as long as you like.

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