Visualizations & Meditation

Visualization and meditation are things you can do at home or throughout your day to relax. Just a minute or two of quiet focus can help you re-establish calm. Fifteen minutes can really help you to find your centre again.

Reiki and Science

Is there scientific research to support Reiki? — People sometimes ask me what science and conventional medicine have to say about Reiki.  I’ve included a few links on this blog post, which I’ll update with interesting articles or websites that I come across.


Reiki Info

Chakra Info


  • Naturespace: Holographic Audio — A free sound app that I use a lot in my Reiki sessions.  They have over 100 tracks in their catalogue in categories such as Thunderstorm, Waves, Abstract, Evening, and Sci-fi.  The app comes with six tracks and other tracks are available for purchase (about $1.39-$2.99 each or at a discount if you buy collections).
  • Insight Timer — A free meditation app.  They’ve added on some nice features over the years, such as guided meditations and ambient sounds.


  • Meditative Mind – Meditation Music — A YouTube channel with lots of meditation music, sleep music, guided meditations, etc.  OM Chanting – 108 Times, approximately 26 minutes, is one of my favourites.