Block Reiki Sessions

Booking Block Reiki Sessions offer savings over booking a corresponding number of individual sessions, making them ideal for a small group of friends or for an employer wishing to provide a treat for staff.

Please email me at to book a Block Reiki Session.

I will need a clear, private space to set up the Reiki table (30″ x 84″) as well as room for me to move around it.

The prices for Block Reiki Sessions are listed below.  Please note that there will be an additional charge for gas, depending on your location, and parking, if necessary.

Block Reiki Session Price List

(Tax is included in prices shown)

Morning or Afternoon

  • $153
  • 3 hours of session time + breaks
  • Example break downs
    • 45-minute session x 4 with three 15-minute breaks
    • 30-minute session x 6 with five 10-minute breaks
    • 20-minute session x 9 with six 5-minute breaks and two 10-minute breaks

Full Day

  • $285
  • 6 hours of session time + lunch time + breaks
  • Example break downs: two of the break downs listed for half-day + 45 minute lunch break