The Forest Pool

Thank you to Abigail for the idea for this visualization.

Imagine yourself sitting on a beach on a bright, sunny day. The sea is calm with only tiny waves dancing along the shoreline. A little ways away, some children are playing in the sand and behind you is the tree line of a dense forest.

After some time in the sun, you get up and wander into the forest, looking for a little bit of solitude. From the direction of the beach, you can still hear the sound of children laughing, happy and safe, as you make your way through the trees.

You haven’t gone very far before you suddenly find yourself in a small clearing. A beautiful pool of crystal-clear water warmed by the sun is at the foot of a cliff that you were unable to see through the trees until now. A small stream flows over the edge and splits into several little streams that cascade down the side of the cliff and into the pool. The sound of the water falling into the pool is like a light rain.

You sit down with the faint sounds of laughter and falling water in your ears and enjoy the scene around you.

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