Exploring Colour

Visualize yourself sitting cross-legged on a wonderfully comfortably cushion in the centre of an empty room.

Now imagine a light of any colour filling the space all around your body. The sphere of light is large enough that you can extends your arms in all directions without your fingers leaving the sphere of light.

See yourself sitting peacefully, surrounded by the colour you have chosen, for a few minutes. Let the colour completely fill your awareness. What does it feel like?

Next, imagine this coloured light pouring in through the crown of your head and slowly down your spine. Feel the light moving down the core of your body. What sensations do you have? Are sensations different in different parts of your body?

After some time, imagine that the light stops flowing into you. Now see the light around you change to a different colour. Let this new colour completely fill your awareness. What does it feel like? How does it compare to how the first colour felt? After a few minutes, once again picture this new colour pouring in through the top of your head and all the way down your spine. Are the sensations the same as or different from the first colour?

Repeat this visualization as many times as you like, making large changes in colour (like navy blue to coral) or small changes (like light pink to dusky rose). Be patient and let your body stay relaxed and your mind at ease.

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