Expressing Negative Emotional Energy

This exercise is for releasing the energy of emotions like frustration from your body.

Make yourself comfortable and take several deep breaths. Feel your body relax.

Go back over your day and choose a situation or event that irritated, frustrated, or otherwise upset you in some way. It could be your kid’s messy room, an argument you had with a friend, or your car/furnace/fish tank filter breaking down again.

Let the situation play out in your mind and allow the emotion you felt to well up inside you. Feel the emotion completely without trying to push it aside, justify, or rationalize it in anyway. This exercise is not about judging, assigning blame, or determining right and wrong. Just feel the emotion and let the energy express itself.

Observe the energy as it expresses itself. Do you feel it in a particular part of your body? Does it feel like it’s outside of your body? What does it feel like? Does it feel like pressure or is it a tingling sensation? Does it feel hot or cool? Sharp or blunt? Do you associate a colour with it?

Allow any thoughts you have in relation to this energy to express themselves without guilt as well. Just let the wave of energy rise up and then pass through you. Take as much time as you need. You may only need 30 seconds or it could take several minutes.

When you feel the energy dissipate and you think you may have gotten it all out of your system, check to make sure. Bring the same situation or issue to mind once more and see if it triggers that same feeling. If it does, go through this exercise again.

When you reach the point where that emotion is no longer there, look at the situation with fresh eyes. Has your perspective changed at all?

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