Helpful Giant

Visualization for releasing negative energy from your field.

You are walking through the woods. The sound of your footsteps is completely muffled by the lush earth. It rained earlier, and so the trees are still wet and their leaves are glistening and continuing to spill little droplets of water on to the forest floor. 

You weren’t feeling yourself earlier. You were anxious, out of sorts, jittery. You figured that there was no sense trying to get anything done, and that a nice walk in the woods was the best thing for you.

You see a tree off to your right and for some reason you’re drawn to it. You leave the muddy path and walk over to the base of the tree, glad that you thought to put on your rain boots and coat before you left. Standing at the base of the tree you tilt your head back and look up. You don’t know much about trees, but this one seems old. You would not be able to wrap your arms all the way around its trunk, and the lowest branches are dozens of feet above your head.

You sit down at the foot of this great tree and lean back against the trunk. You close your eyes and start a meditation that you read about earlier. You take several deep breaths of the moist forest air and centre yourself. Starting at your head you relax each part of your body. The muscles in your face, your jaw, your neck, both of your shoulders and on down your torso and your legs. With every part of your body relaxed, you push your awareness outwards to the space around you and your own personal energy field. You visualize the many colours of your field flowing and pulsing around your body.

You feel yourself becoming calm and centred much more quickly than usual. You feel wonderful, but you’re also curious. You focus on the way your energy feels, and you realize that there is a pull behind you. In your minds eye, you see the jittery, tense energy being drawn out of your energy field and in to the lovely tree behind you. You’re thankful, but also a bit concerned. Will this energy harm the tree? But you soon realize that the tree is not being affected by this at all. You see, once again in your mind’s eye, that the tree is drawing this energy that is not serving you from your energy field, into its body, and then down through its roots and in to the earth. This energy which was disturbing your emotional balance is nothing in the vastness of Earth. It is easily transmuted into positive, loving energy once more.

You silently thank the tree for its assistance, sending love and appreciation. You are sure that you feel a response. You settle back into the helpful giant’s trunk and watch in your mind’s eye and feel with your awareness as the energy of your personal field harmonizes and once again comes into balance.

Stay with this image as long if you like.

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