Releasing Resistance from Vishuddha – Self Expression

Sit or lie down comfortably with your back straight.  

Now, in your mind’s eye focus on Vishuddha, your Throat Chakra. See the light, clear blue sphere that is this chakra rotating at the base of your throat.

One aspect of Vishuddha is self expression. Through this chakra we communicate our truths and perspective and express our creativity. Through the energy of this chakra we shine our unique light into the world. But during our lives there are times when we shutter or filter this light for a variety of reasons. Whether a particular reason stems from fear of judgement from others or our own self criticism, that restrictive energy can stay with us and continue to influence our choices.

With your attention focused on Vishuddha, ask in the quiet of your mind, “What energy pattern or limiting belief affecting my Throat Chakra is it time for me to let go of for my highest good?” Then sit quietly and wait.  The answer may come in the form of a sensation, an emotion, or perhaps a memory. However it presents itself, stay centred. Simply observe and allow the energy to play itself out and dissipate. Allow yourself as much time as you need. 

Now refocus on Vishuddha. Allow that energy that you just freed up to rise to the surface and visualize how it could express itself in your life. From your fresh perspective, what part of yourself do you feel more comfortable expressing? Is there a truth that you feel more confident holding yourself to? Is there a seed for a new idea or artistic endeavour? A change that you would like to make to a current project? A different way that you would like to communicate with the people in your life?

Whether it is a massive change or slight shift, take the time to appreciate yourself, the step you’ve taken, and your willingness to explore and grow. 

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