Silver Rain

Visualization for clearing dense energy from your energy field.

You are sitting in an open field under a cloudless sky. The air is still and there is no sound around you.

You are also still but relaxed. With each breath you take, your mind becomes more clear as you detach yourself from your thoughts. With this internal quiet, your awareness expands, and you slowly become aware of one part of your body after another, until you are aware of your entire body at once.

You now also become aware of your energy field extending a few feet all around you. Your energy is not static, but rather it is constantly moving. However, you can feel that in some areas the flow of energy is a bit slow and heavy.

You look up and see a shimmering, transparent cloud appear several feet above your head. Thousands of silver points of light are glowing within it. With your face still turned upwards, these tiny silver drops begin to fall out of the cloud like rain. They feel wonderfully cool against your skin.

You can also feel the silver rain passing through your energy field. As the drops fall through the sluggish areas of your field they grab hold of some of that heavy energy, taking it with them as they fall to the ground where they are then absorbed by the Earth.

Bit by bit the heavy energy is pulled from your field. The flow of energy iimproves and without the added heaviness, your field expands outward and with it your awareness. You feel incredibly light, clear, and refreshed.

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