Intuitive Light Bath

Visualization for bringing in or stabilizing a particular frequency in your personal energy field.

You are comfortable and peaceful, breathing steadily. Your body is relaxed, your eyes are closed, and your mind is clear.In this state of ease you are aware of your body, and as time passes and you continue to take nice, easy breaths, you become aware of the space around you as well.

Now, you turn your attention inward with the intent of communicating with other levels of your consciousness. You ask in the quiet of your mind, “Which energy frequency would best serve my highest good right now?”

You clear your mind once more and wait. A colour floats into your awareness. Here is your answer. You quietly observe the colour and allow it to completely fill your awareness.

Now, you picture yourself as you are currently positioned. A circle of the colour that you saw in your mind appears a few feet away from the top of your head. A beam of light of that same colour flows from the circle towards the crown of your head. A few centimetres away from your skull it stops moving forward and instead begins to spread out and around you as if it were spreading over an umbrella or eggshell. The coloured light flows down and around your head, shoulders, torso, legs, and feet, until your entire body is encircled by a line of energy shaped like an oval bubble.

From the oval outline the light now spreads inward, saturating the entire space around you and eventually your body itself. You bask in this colour, noticing how it feels and how your body feels as you soak in the energy.

Eventually, your intuition will let you when your own energy field has fully embraced this frequency of light. When that happens, the colour will fade and you will be left feeling refreshed and lighter than you did before.

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