Liquid-Light Hearts

Visualization for clearing seven main chakras

You are sitting cross-legged on the ground and in front of you is a lovely waterfall. The water cascades down several levels, eventually thundering into the lagoon at the base of the falls in a cloud f mist.

You are enjoying the beauty of the scene and the gentle breeze on your face when you become aware of something above your head. A vessel shaped like a gravy boat is floating above you. It is silver but transparent, and you can see a crystal-clear substance inside of it. The mysterious substance is neither light nor liquid but something in between.
The silver vessel tilts and begins to pour the clear liquid-light. It seems to float downward rather than fall and the stream sparkles in the sunlight.

You look straight ahead once more and sit up straight. The clear liquid-light flows through the top of your head and into your Crown Chakra, a glowing white orb. As it fills the chakra, the light emanating from the liquid-light steadily becomes more intense until there is a brilliant flash that travels out from the centre of the chakra in all directions. When the intense light subsides, you once again see the Crown Chakra rotating at the top of your head with a small amount of the liquid-light at its centre.

The silver vessel continues to pour. Now the stream flows down from your Crown Chakra and into the violet orb that is your Third Eye Chakra. Once again the light grows more and more intense as the chakra is filled until there is a blinding pulse of light.

The scene repeats for each one of your seven main chakras while the beautiful silver vessel continues to pour above you. As the liquid-light flows out of one chakra it takes all of the dense energy and energy patterns that aren’t serving you with it, leaving the chakra clear and bright.

After the liquid-light flows out of your Root Chakra, it goes deep into the Earth where the energy that was released from your chakras is cleared and transmuted.

The silver vessel finally stops pouring and disappears. But even after the flow stops, each one of your seven chakras retains a small bead of clear liquid-light at its heart.

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