Rosy Fog

Visualization for releasing fear.

You are sitting comfortably with your eyes closed. You feel that the air around you is still but cool, and you can hear the gentle lapping of waves.

You open your eyes and see that there is a thick fog all around you. You are surprised to see that this fog is a beautiful dusty rose and carries a feeling of love and peace. You feel as though you are wrapped in a soft, rosy blanket.

You are pleasantly relaxed when you feel a slight pull deep inside you. You look down and see a small ball of energy emerge from within you and float close to your body. In this orb you see a situation you dread playing out. Your relaxed mood quickly disappears as you watch the scene unfold.

There is another tug, and the orb is pulled a few feet away from you and suspended in the fog. The situation you fear continues to play like a movie within it, but with some distance between you and it, you feel less tense.  

The rosy fog begins to fill the orb, and the images shift. The changes are small at first but gradually become more significant until the scene has changed to a more hopeful scenario. You could not envision this wonderful outcome before, when your worry was within you, but now with some distance, and with the help of the loving fog, you realize that the possibility you feared is only one of many.

The orb floats back to where it came from, spreading warm, soothing, positive energy throughout your body.

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