Balanced Through the Heart

Visualization for balancing seven main chakras

You are sitting comfortably on the ground with your eyes closed, breathing steadily.

You look inward to the rotating green orb that is Anahata, your fourth chakra, at the centre of your chest. At first, the energy from this chakra seems to be somewhat chaotic. However, as you focus on it, it balances and stabilizes, bathing your heart and lungs in loving, coherent light.

Now two beams of beautiful green light shine out from the top and bottom of Anahata, moving along the centre of your body. The top beam travels to your fifth chakra (Throat Chakra) while the downward moving beam shines into the centre of your third chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra).

Your fifth and third chakras, with Anahata’s green light shinning into them, now capture your attention. With the infusion of energy from your Heart Chakra the light blue of your fifth chakra and the intense yellow of your third chakra grow stronger, burning through all blockages within them and bringing them into harmony with your Heart Chakra.

With these chakras now in alignment, the twin green beams continue their journeys, picking up energy from the fifth and third chakra respectively. The top beam, now with streaks of blue, moves up to your sixth chakra, while the downward moving beam, with swirling dashes of yellow within it, shines into the centre of your second chakra.

Your sixth (Third Eye) and second (Sacral) chakras now take centre stage in your mind’s eye. The soft violet energy of the sixth chakra and the rich orange energy of the second chakra are energized by the incoming beams of light. The soothing green light gently clears these two chakras, causing them to glow even more brightly.

The two green beams travel on, each with the balanced energy of two other chakras within them, and arrive at the final two chakras: the seventh chakra (Crown Chakra) and the first chakra (Root Chakra).

Now your seventh and first chakras come to the fore. Infused with the energy of the three chakras below or above them, the clear white light of your seventh chakra and the vivid red light of your first chakra shine even more brightly, aligning themselves with the peaceful energy of your Heart Chakra.

All seven of your main chakras are now shinning brightly, filled with balanced energy, and connected to each other. 

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