Lavender Figure Eights

General chakra visualization for balancing energy

You are sitting on a low, comfortable bench in a spacious room. A slight breeze blows through the space, keeping the air cool and fresh.

A bright sphere of energy radiating beautiful, lavender light appears a few centimetres above you. You can feel the warmth from the sphere against the top of your head as you close your eyes.

Lavender Figure Eights

Two rays of light shine out from the left and the right side of the sphere and arch out and downward. The two rays curve around either side of your Crown Chakra and come together directly below it and above your Third Eye Chakra. At this halfway point between the two chakras the two rays cross each other and each ray loops out and down on the other side of your body, curving around your Third Eye Chakra and meeting directly below it and above your fifth chakra at the base of your throat.

This mirrored, back-and-forth looping continues down and around each of the four remaining chakras in a repeating figure eight pattern. Each loop gathers energy from one side of your body and carries it to the other side, weaving the two halves together.

When the two rays of energy meet for the final time below your Root Chakra, they pool and form a second sphere infused with your energy. The energy from this sphere, floating just below your tailbone, then travels straight up the centre of your body, through the centre of  each Chakra, and back to the first sphere above your head, only to once again make the looping downward journey.

Stay with this image as long as you like.

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