Steady Waves

Visualization for staying centred

You are standing in a fairly large room. You are relaxed and at peace. The peace you feel radiates from the centre of your body in steady waves of energy that you can more sense than see and fills the space around you.

Your thoughts turn to one of your goals, and as they do, the pattern of the waves emanating from your core change to reflect your new focus. There is no doubt or contradiction in you, and because of this clarity the longer you focus on your goal, the greater the power and amplitude of the waves become.

Suddenly a large group of people enter the room and stand across from you. They appear to be powerful, and what they want seems to be in direct opposition to what you want. The waves that they produce are forceful and crash about the room. Your attention shifts away from your previous object of focus to the group and their energy, and as it does your own energy pattern begins to shift to match theirs, and you start to become anxious.

You steady yourself and and take a breath to calm down. You take another deep breath, centre yourself, and turn your focus once again to the peaceful thoughts you had before. Your original wave pattern begins to reemerge. At first you can only sense it at the core of your own body as the group’s energy fills the room. But once again, the longer you stay focused on your own thoughts, the larger the waves become, and you are soon standing securely at the centre of a stable, tranquil sphere, one that is unaffected by the energy of others.

The group redoubles its effort in an attempt to reclaim your attention, but you stay firmly but gently fixed on your own thoughts. There is no need to try to erase their energy pattern with your own. The stability and cohesion of your energy gives your wave pattern beauty and power, and you are easily able to maintain your focus at the centre of your energy bubble.

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