Earth Lung

Visualization for Earth Chakra

You are sitting cross-legged on the ground in a rocky basin. The ground around you is mostly stone, and the few patches of earth that there are are filled with tenacious shrubs. Gusts of wind occasionally blow across the land that has been baked by the sun sitting high in the cloudless sky. You take a breath of warm, dry air.

You look around you for a while and then your gaze turns inward. You see each of your seven main chakras spinning and glowing brightly along the centre of your body, from the vivid red of Muladhara at the base of your spine to the clear white of Sahasrara at the crown of your head. You are also aware of your personal energy field extending out several feet around you, the energy alive and swirling about you in a variety of beautiful colours.

Your attention drifts lower. Several feet below you in alignment with your seven in-body chakras is your Earth Chakra. The energy of this chakra is mesmerizing as it appears brown, grey, black, russet, and dark red one at a time or even somehow all at once. All of the colours of the Earth herself.

You take another deep breath and as you inhale you see that your Earth Chakra also inhales, gathering in the nourishing energy of the Earth and spreading it throughout your energy field and physical body. As you exhale, your Earth Chakra exhales, drawing the energy that is no longer serving you from your field and releasing it into the Earth for clearing and transmutation.
You continue to breath deeply for several minutes, watching the interplay of energy and feeling your strong connection to the Earth.

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