Long Line Blues

Visualization for patience

Imagine yourself entering a large room. Along the far wall are a number of people seated behind a counter and between you and them is a long, winding line.

You quietly join the line as you anticipate a long wait. You haven’t been standing there long when you notice a rich blue light shining in a beam around you as if from a spotlight. You look up, but can’t see any source for the light, and it seems as though no one around you can see it at all. The line moves forward.

The blue light is mesmerizing and feels wonderful against your skin. It shifts and billows around you almost like a sheer curtain being moved by a gentle breeze. The line moves forward.

Up until now you could only feel the light against the surface of your skin, but now it feels as if it is seeping into your skin, into your muscles, and down to your bones. Everywhere it passes, you feel a lovely warmth as that part of your body relaxes. The line moves forward.

Now you hear faint sounds like the light chiming of small bells floating around you. Again you try to find the source, but there seems to be nothing that could produce the beautiful sound. The line moves forward.

You decide to give up wondering where these things are coming from and just enjoy the dancing light, lovely warmth, and merry bells.

You’ve reached the front of the line.

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