Making Visualization a Part of Your Daily Routine

Visualization is a wonderful way to unplug from whatever is going on in your external world. It’s a period of time where you decide how you want to feel and then focus on achieving that feeling with the help of your imagination.

But just like with meditation, trying to go from not visualizing at all to visualizing 20 minutes every morning is likely going to be frustrating.

Instead, try to pick some point that is already a part of your daily routine and incorporate a few minutes of visualization there. If you take public transportation, pick a visualization to do until you get to the first stop. When you’re feel ready, go until the second stop, and then the third. For the last five minutes or so of your lunch break, head to your desk, an empty meeting room, or some other suitably quiet spot, and spend a few minutes visualizing before tackling the next part of your day. You can make a pact with yourself that as soon as your head hits the pillow, you’ll stop mulling over the day’s events and instead focus on pleasant mental imagery and positive feelings before falling asleep.

No matter how busy day your day might be, you’ll probably be able to find little periods of inactivity that you can use to hit the mental pause button.

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