Specks of Light

Visualization for Sahasrara (Crown Chakra)

You are sitting comfortably with your eyes closed. You have been meditating for some time now, and you feel particularly relaxed and peaceful.

You see with your mind’s eye the spinning orb of white light that is Sahasrara, your seventh chakra, at the crown of your head. The more relaxed you become, the brighter its light becomes.

You notice tiny specks of colour floating within the chakra. Though these specks are no bigger than dust particles, the colours that emanate from them are brilliant and easy to distinguish. You see specks that are the same colour as each of the other chakras as well as specks of gold, silver, black and bronze. In addition you see some specks that seem to sparkle with all of the colours of the rainbow at once.

Now the light from Sahasrara, with the colourful specks of light floating within it, begins to travel down the centre of your body. As it passes through the centre of each of the other chakras, Sahasrara’s light infuses them with the energy of wisdom and love, causing each one in turn to glow even brighter.

Sahasrara’s light passes through your entire being and flows down into the heart of the Earth.

Stay with this image as long as you wish.

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