Magnetic Orb

Visualization for Svadhisthana (Sacral Chakra)

Visualize yourself sitting comfortably in a dimly lit room. Now focus on the beautiful orange light radiating from Svadhisthana, your second chakra, which is spinning gently near the level of your belly button.

As you bask in this orange light shinning from your abdomen, you begin to see small, brightly-lit shapes of different colours floating towards you from around the room, all being drawn by the magnetic pull of Svadhisthana. These small shapes on their own are not recognizable, but you somehow know that they are each a small piece of something that you desire. And that once each one reaches the glowing orange sphere of your second chakra, it will join with the other pieces of its particular puzzle, creating a complete picture.

Enjoy this wave of lovely lights for as long as you like.

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