Highway of Light

Visualiza for reinforcing the connection between chakras

Do this visualization with whichever chakra you like (referred to as the chakra).

You are sitting comfortably with your back straight. You visualize the chakra spinning and glowing softly. After some time, the light of the chakra begins to brighten, expanding beyond the chakra and illuminating the area of your body around it.

The light from the chakra continues to grow brighter. A ray of light shines out from the centre of the chakra traveling up/down the centre of your body to the centre of the neighbouring chakra(s), merging with their light. The ray passes through the neighbouring chakra(s) and then through each of the other chakras, all the way to the Crown Chakra and Root Chakra. The centre of your body is like a highway for this chakra’s beautiful light, linking all of your chakras together.

Stay with this image as long as you like.

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