Is there any scientific research that supports Reiki?

Much of the evidence for Reiki is anecdotal, but there is a small number of scientific studies.  There are also books that explain the scientific basis for distance healing techniques such as Distance Reiki.  

Here are a few interesting articles and other resources that I’ve come across that are either specifically about Reiki or related in some way.  I’ll keep updating this blog post as I find more things.



  • — James L. Oschman has a Ph.D. In Biological Sciences from the university of Pittsburgh.  On this site you’ll find videos, articles, and books he has writtten on the medical and physics-based explanations for distance healing 
  • Reiki, Medicine & Self Care with Pamela Miles – Pamela Miles has presented on the topic of Reiki at the medical schools of Yale and Harvard and set up one of the first Reiki programs in a medical institution in the United States.  On the Medical Papers page of her site she has some information and links to papers that have been published on the subject of Reiki.


Interesting Tidbits

The following items aren’t rigorous scientific studies, but they are about interesting, related topics.

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