In the Sapphire

Visualization for Ajna (Third Eye Chakra)

Take a few moments to quiet your mind. Now imagine that you are sitting comfortably.  It is late at night, but there is a full moon out, and even though the moon is currently obscured by clouds, there is still enough ambient light for you to see that you are in an open meadow.  You can also make out that there seems to be something like glass all around you.

The clouds part and the lovely moon finally comes into view.   Now that you have its full light, you can see that what you thought was glass is actually the sides of a large sapphire, and you are sitting at the centre of it.  

The bright light from the moon hits the facets of the sapphire and rays of beautiful, deep blue light ricochet around the interior of the jewel, eventually converging on Ajna, your third-eye chakra. Ajna’s bright violet light, along with your entire body, is bathed by the large sapphire’s clear light.

Stay with this image as long as you like.

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