Peach Bubbles

You are sitting on a large white cushion on the top of a broad column. You appear to be in a vast space. Looking around, you can see pristine white walls curving around you, but the closest wall is quite far away. You lean forward and look over the edge of the column. The sides are the same white as the walls, and the column stretches down as far as you can see.  You sit up straight once again and settle comfortably into the cushion.  

A steady flow of air starts to blow from somewhere below, flowing past you and up towards the top of the space.  It’s cool and feels good against your skin.  Suddenly you catch movement out of the corner of your eye. A perfectly round, peach bubble floats up and past you. Another peach bubble, this one in the shape of a fluffy cloud, soon follows. You look behind you and catch a glimpse of a lotus-shaped bubble. You turn back to the front and see several more bubbles, all different shapes, of the same colour float by.  All around you, the air is filled with beautiful peach shapes for you to appreciate.

Stay with this as long as you like

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