Silver Searchlight

Visualization for clearing dense energy

Do this visualization with whichever two chakras you choose (referred to as chakra number 1, chakra number 2).   I suggest choosing two adjacent chakras to start.

Sit quietly and breath deeply for a few moments. Now turn your inner eye to chakra number one. Focus on this chakra and see it rotating and radiating its unique frequency of light from deep within your body.

Next, turn your attention to chakra number 2. Appreciate this chakra as it spins and glows.

Now see both chakras at the same time as glowing orbs of light. From the centre of the top chakra, see a band of brilliant silver light arc out a few inches from your spine and back in, anchoring itself in the centre of the bottom chakra. Once it reaches the bottom chakra, the intensity of the light increases, radiating silver energy both in towards the centre of your body and out through your skin, finally dissipating a few feet away from your body.

With each end of this luminous silver band firmly rooted in these two chakras, see the band begin move, rotating slowly forward, sweeping across the front of your body, back along your left side, across your back, and forward again along your right side.

As it rotates, its silver light beams out like a searchlight, penetrating every cell of every organ, muscle, bone and layer of skin it passes over.  As it sweeps through your energy field, it breaks up and clears any dense energy it encounters.  You are left feeling lighter and clearer.

Stay with this image for as long as you like.

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