So… everything is energy?

Yes, everything is energy, when you get right down to it. That’s just physics. I also believe that there is Universal Energy that is an intelligence unlike our own that is the organizing force that pervades our universe. This is what makes the most sense to me, but you’ll have to do your own investigating to find out what seems right to you.

Here’s some food for thought. What follows is a passage from the book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza that speaks to this. This passage is in a section titled Universal Intelligence and the Quantum Field.  The short dialogue is what really hit home for me, personally.

But is reality nothing but indifferent electromagnetic forces acting on and in response to one another? Is the animating spirit within us simply a function of biology and randomness? I’ve had conversations with people who hold this view. Ultimately the discussion leads to a dialogue that goes something like this:

Where does the intelligence that keeps our heart beating come from?
That’s a part of the autonomic nervous system.
Where is that system located?
The brain. The brain’s limbic system is part of the autonomic nervous system.
And within the brain, are there specific tissues that are responsible for keeping the heart beating?
What are those tissues made up of?
And what are those cells made up of?
What are those molecules made up of?
And what are those atoms made up of?
Subatomic particles.
And what are those subatomic particles primarily composed of?

When we arrive at the conclusion that our physiological vehicle is made up of the same stuff as the rest of the universe, and these folks bump up against the notion that what animates the body is a form of energy—the same 99.99999 percent “nothing” that constitutes the physical universe—they either shrug and walk away or come to realize that there is something to this notion that a unifying principle pervades all of physical reality.
Isn’t it ironic, then, that we keep all of our attention on the 0.00001 percent of reality that is physical? Are we missing something?

~~Dr. Joe Dispenza

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